Six letters for Callas: Α Π Ο ΛΛ Ω Ν

op. 51, 2012/13

Α    intense
Π    fragile
Ο    surprisingly
ΛΛ  singing in motion
Ω    elegiac
Ν    singing with devotion

For orchestra
Instrumentation: –, 3 percussions, timpani, harp, piano, strings
Duration: 14 min.

Commissioned by the conductor Vassilis Christopoulos for the State Orchestra of Athens (KOA)
World premiere: 7 March 2013, Megaron, Athens, Greece. State Orchestra Athens, conductor: Lisa Xanthopoulou


Composer’s notes

The composition Six letters for Callas: Α Π Ο ΛΛ Ω Ν is dedicated to the memory of Maria Callas. The piece consists of six miniatures, which are performed in one flow without any breaks between them. They are based on the six engravings by the German artist Alexander Polzin, which depict the head of Maria Callas without mouth in front of the “Portara” of Naxos in six different colour variations. The performance of the composition is based more on the intensity of the interpretation and less on the demonstration of the musicians’ virtuosity.

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© Alexander Polzin