P-ILION, nine fragments of an eternity

33/1, 2007

I. breath in, 7.19 pm
II. breath out, 8.12 pm
III. tettix, 10.15 pm
IV. jasmine, 10.22 pm
V. secret, 10.55 pm
VI. once upon a time, 11.17 pm
VII. wind, 11.47 pm
VIII. dance, 12.00 pm
IX. night flower, 1.11 am

Version for string orchestra
Duration: 12 min.

World premiere: 15 January 2008, Patras, Greece. Orchestra of Patras, conductor: Konstantia Gourzi

Composer’s notes

The original version of P-ILION was commissioned by the Kasseler Musiktage for string quartet. I wrote this version for string orchestra following a request by the Orchestra of Patras.

Often an intense event does not last long: like the time it takes to breath in or to breath out. Nevertheless, sometimes it feels like an eternity. Some of these nine miniatures are very short and still feel very long. I observed that today the flow of time is very fast, so that there is a risk to not listen to our heartbeat.

PILION is a region in Greece. Its nature is very pure and intensive. I was there when I started composing the piece. The Greek capital letter “P” is the Π (Pi), that was interpreted in the ancient Greek language as a symbol for gate or door. ILION comes from the Greek word ILIOS = sun = light. Thus, with the title of the piece I intend a meaning of “gate to the light” – which is at the same time how I experienced PILION.

The miniatures describe moments that lead to the light. They are meant to create an intensity of expression that force me to experience the time with a higher intensity and be able to feel the echo differently. The numbers next to the titles are times. The time stands still when the event is so intense that it changes the perception of time.