die andere saite

Die andere Saite

The chamber music series “die andere saite” was performed between 2006 and 2008, organised by Konstantia Gourzi in the Munich Camera Artis gallery.   The Project Members of ensemble oktopus from the Munich Hochschule performed concerts called “die andere saite”, a play on words in German between andere Seite, “the other side”, and andere Saite, […]

Young Soloists

Junge Solisten

From 2003 – 2008 Konstantia Gourzi directed the chamber music series of Siemens Arts Program „Junge Solisten“ (Young Soloists) in Munich, dedicated to contemporary music. The Project The Young Soloists concert series has been an institution for new music lovers in Munich since 2002. Konstantia Gourzi took over its artistic direction in 2003. She developed […]

New Greek Music in Munich

Neue griechische Musik

Konstantia Gourzi started this series to raise awareness of Greek contemporary music beyond a folkloric perspective. The Project From 2007 – 2011 she presented the series New Greek Music in Munich, a less well-known side of Greek music. Instead of traditional folklore, works by older and young, famous and less famous Greek composers were performed. The […]

New Music and Improvisation

Neue Musik und Improvisation

In this concert series, initiated by Konstantia Gourzi, students of classical music and jazz were introduced to new sound worlds. Zur Projektseite von ensemble oktopus