op. 4a, 2018

Version for alto saxophone solo
Duration: 7 min.

World premiere: 20 April 2018, Festival Aktuelle Musik, Nuremberg. Alto saxophone: Mingfei Fang


Composer´s Note

In Greek language, Anaménontas means “awaiting” or “in anticipation of”. The main idea for this piece was to create a certain atmosphere between calm and turbulent musical actions, between vibrato and non vibrato, between few and many notes. Actions, representing questions and answers, which form a big phrase from beginning to end by keeping the intensity throughout the piece.

When I was composing this piece, F sharp was my favourite note. To me, F sharp is like the colour red, like the colour of fire. It is warming and at the same time dangerous. This is what Anaménontas is about: awaiting, playing with fire.

The original piece Anaménontas for flute solo was composed already in 1990 in Berlin.


Audio Sample