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    14-19 January | Recordings | Klangforum Wien
    „Zum Gemeinwohl! 20 Frauen animieren ein europäisches Gespräch über die Zukunft der Welt“
    Ensemble: Klangforum Wien
    Musical director: Konstantia Gourzi
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    23 January | Concert | Reaktorhalle, Munich, 7 p.m.
    „Akkordeon in my life“
    ensemble oktopus, Conductor: Konstantia Gourzi
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  • New works published

    A.C. Forte-Piano for clarinet, bassoon, horn, string quintet
    “Evening at the Window”
     for viola solo
     for two guitars, viola and double bass
    “…il vento del nord…”
     for vocal ensemble
    Ave Maria
     for female choir

  • Konstantia Gourzi – Composer Conductor

    The Greek composer and conductor Konstantia Gourzi is one of contemporary music’s most important mentors today. Born in Greece, she studied in Athens and Berlin. She dedicates herself to the development of new performance concepts for modern Western art music, and has founded many concert series and ensembles.
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    Konstantia Gourzi, the composer writes orchestral works, chamber music, vocal ensembles and solo pieces. Her extensive discography also documents her creative achievements. She has been commissioned by the Bavarian State Opera, the Lucerne Festival and the ARD Music Competition, among others.
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    Konstantia Gourzi, the conductor works with orchestras and ensembles. She performs in the dual function of composer and conductor more and more. She gives concerts in important international venues, with various radio orchestras and conducts for numerous studio recordings.
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    Konstantia Gourzi, the director has initiated diverse projects, in which music and other art forms come together. They also combine people from different cultures, in order to make social, musical and cultural connections.
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    Konstantia Gourzi, the pedagogue works with young musicians, and loves to communicate an imaginative relationship with contemporary music. She taught at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin, and she has lead the Ensemble Oktopus at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München since 2002.
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