a tale

op. 43, 2009

I. Süd-Wind 1
II. Süd-Wind 2

For ney solo
Duration: 6 min.

World premiere: 19 July 2012, Glasperlenspiel Music Festival, Tartu, Estonia. Ney: Harris Lambrakis

Composer’s notes

The two pieces Süd-Wind 1 and Süd-Wind 2 serve as sound bridges for the Sappho-Zyklus for piano and voice. They create an ideal atmosphere for the embedded miniature of Sappho and close with the same acoustic colour of the ney. Süd-Wind 1 and Süd-Wind 2 are like prologue and epilogue, creating a common sound with all three pieces.

© Konstantia Gourzi

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Konstantia Gourzi:
Conjunctions – Synápsies

NEOS 11035, 2010

Apollon Musagète Quartett, Vassilis Agrokostas, Michalis Cholevas, Christian Elsässer, Konstantia Gourzi