“Winter – Ein Deutschlandmärchen”

op. 36, 2009

For saxophone, trumpet, violin, double bass, drum set, piano, voice solo and voices (classical or pop or the actors themselves)
Duration: 45 min.

Theatre music for “Winter: Ein Deutschlandmärchen” – based on Heinrich Heine’s “Deutschland: Ein Wintermärchen”
Commissioned by Schauspiel Frankfurt

Recording: saxophone: Stephanie Lottermoser, trumpet: Claus Reichstaller, piano: Christian Elsässer, percussion: Carola Grey, violin: Gregor Hübner, double bass: Paulo Cardoso


Composer’s notes

For the Schauspiel Frankfurt I composed music for the piece “Winter: Ein Deutschlandmärchen”. The texts are written by Heinrich Heine and should have been sung live with the recorded music, consisting of seven songs. For that purpose, the musicians of the network opus21musikplus have recorded the theatre music with me. Nevertheless, the piece was never premiered due to technical reasons.


Audio sample