Wind Dances

Hommage à Federico Mompou

op. 72a, 2018

I. Winter
II. Spring
III. Summer
IV. Autumn

Version for accordion solo
Duration: 6 min.

World premiere: 20 April 2018, Festival Aktuelle Musik, Nuremberg. Accordion: Oksana Martyniuk


Composer’s notes

Wind Dances for accordion solo is an adaptation from the original composition Wind Dances for piano solo. It was inspired by Federico Mompous Tanz Nr. 14 and leads back to a request by pianist Maria Canyigueral for her project “Avant-guarding Mompou”.

Wind Dances consists of four miniatures, dedicated to the seasons. Certain sound motions represent the four winds of a year musically. All four miniatures are connected to certain compositional elements and should be performed together, just like a piece with four movements.

© Norbert Banik


Audio Sample