piano pieces I-V

op. 24, 2004

piano piece I – no. 24, dolce
piano piece II – 17 years later, fast, ritmico
piano piece III – sunset, relaxed
piano piece IV – wild child, wild
piano piece V – tomorrow it will be better, with emphase

For piano solo
Duration: 8 min.

World premiere: 19 June 2010, Straubing, Festspiele Europäische Wochen Passau. Piano: Siegfried Mauser


Composer’s notes

The piano pieces I-V were composed as a present for the 50th birthday of Siegfried Mauser. All pieces together form an unreal, imaginary story that lasts 17 years.

The composition could be continued, therefore the energy of the last piece remains open. The piano pieces are aphoristic thoughts that go by like a breeze. The tension should be kept high between the pieces.

Artwork: Christos Bouronikos, Foto: Norbert Banik


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CD Konstantia Gourzi: Music for Piano and String Quartet
Konstantia Gourzi: Music for Piano and String Quartet

ECM Records, ECM New Series 2309, 2014

Lorenda Ramou und Ensemble Coriolis