one touch

op. 58, 2015

For string quartet
Duration: 1 min.

Commissioned by the Signum Quartett, as part of the “#quartweet” project
World premiere: 24 July 2015, Paxton House, Scotland. Signum Quartett


Composer’s notes

one touch was composed as part of the “#quartweet” project by the Signum Quartett. The requirement for this project was to create a piece with only 140 notes or symbols altogether.

The piece consists of 14 bars and the second violin, the viola and the cello repeat a certain harmony every two bars. The first violin is leading the others with a melody and surprises them again and again with repeated rubati and breathing pauses.

Each tone has a picture, each colour has a tone. This composition is musically closely connected with the picture “Nike” by artist Antje Tesche-Mentzen.