nine lullabies for a new world

Hommage a J.S. Bach

op. 49b, 2016

Version for violin solo
Duration: 10 min.

World premiere: 29 February 2020 by the leap year celebration for the artist Alexander Polzin, Manhattan, New York
Violin: Barbara Luisi

Publisher: Universal Edition 

Composer’s Notes

All nine miniatures are snapshots of a certain mood. It does not correspond to the character of major or minor modes, but to a distant remembrance of chants from a fantasy world. Composing these pieces was like painting colourfully over the first Bach suite on transparent paper.

The original version was composed for viola (op. 49) for the soloist Nils Mönkemeyer. The initial idea was to create a piece that would function as a sound bridge between two Bach suites. Nevertheless, it can also be performed in other program concept.

The version for viola solo is recorded by Nils Mönkemeyer for Sony Classical for the CD “Bach und Mehr”.