ich fürcht’ nicht

op. 74, 2018

For quintet: flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello
Duration: 8 min.

Commissioned by Meitar Ensemble, supported by the Christoph and Stephan Kaske Foundation
World premiere: 19 March 2018, Israel Conservatory, Tel Aviv, Israel. Meitar Ensemble, conductor: Konstantia Gourzi


Composer’s notes

The composition ich fürcht’ nicht is based on the piano piece „noch fürcht‘ ich“, which was inspired by a poem of the same title by Ingeborg Bachmann. The sound concept remains the same for the quintet. The first six miniatures are very short and represent question and answer simultaneously. The seventh and longest one marks not only the end of the piece but functions only as an answer with a melody from a dream world. All seven miniatures together form this piece and none of them can be played independently. Ideally, both pieces “noch fürcht’ ich” and ich fürcht’ nicht are performed together.

Audio Sample