for four

a composed improvisation

op. 59, 2015

For clarinet, violin, marimba and piano
Duration: 16 min.

World premiere: 23 April 2015, Goethe Institut Munich, as part of the series “contrapunkt, Dialog der Kulturen”. Clarinet: Slava Cernavca, violin: Miltiades Papastamou, marimba: Sven Kacirek, piano: Konstantia Gourzi


Composer’s notes

The idea of for four was to create a piece that brings a part of the performing musicians of the concert evening together in one composition. All four musicians are familiar with classical music as well as improvisation. The piece is partly composed and during the rehearsal phase the improvisation was dramaturgically developed.

The inspiration for this piece came from a picture that I had seen in a newspaper. It showed the face of a mother in Afghanistan who had just lost her child. This photo has affected me deeply and it served as a guideline for this composition. The atmosphere of for four derives from it.


Audio sample