Eurýs Ops

op. 47, 2012

For saxophone, piano and string quintet
Duration: 8 min.

Commissioned by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
World premiere: 3 March 2012, Große Universitätsaula Salzburg, Celebration Assembly 2012 of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Ensemble of the Alma Mater Philharmonie, conductor: Konstantia Gourzi


Composer’s notes

Eurýs Ops (Old Greek for “Europe”) develops from a one-bar motif with wide and dynamic soundscapes and monotone rhythm until the last bar. This is repeated continuously. On the basis of this first motif, one musician after the other enters with free improvisation and their own ideas, thus giving Eurýs Ops an altered, even a new face. Could this be a musical concept for a new Europe?