Drei Lieder

op. 30, 2006

For Byzantine style psalm singer and piano or cimbalom
Duration: 14 min.

World premiere: 14 January 2007, Philharmonic Society of the Conservatory in Patras, Greece. Voice: Panagiotis Andriopoulos, piano: Tassos Spiliotopoulos

Composer’s notes

Drei Lieder for piano and Byzantine style psalm singer is the first version of the later pieces of Ieratiki Poiisi, op. 34 for ensemble and voice. It was the first time that I worked with a Byzantine style psalm singer. I was looking for a way to combine the Byzantine sounds with those of Western instruments, which led to a great difference in notation and musical attitude. The musical, cultural and sociological appeal to merge these sounds is of great importance to me.

The Byzantine style psalm singer Panagiotis Andriopoulos performed the world premiere of Drei Lieder in Patras and sang the piece later on in Athens and other cities in Greece. However, this version is not performed anymore but instead the version for ensemble.