Atlantis 2

7 miniatures

op. 42, 2010

I. Jasmine
II. Wind in April
III. Rose
IV. A Light in the Darkness
V. Love
VI. Ritual Dance
VII. Lulling to Sleep

For harp solo
Duration: 12 min.

Commissioned by Lavinia Meijer
World premiere: 9 May 2010, Sounds New Festival, Canterbury. Harp: Lavinia Meijer


Composer’s notes

Atlantis 2 for harp solo is the second piece of my “Atlantis musical series” which is inspired by the lost city (or continent) Atlantis. The first piece was composed for soprano and cimbalom. The musical elements and the dramaturgy of these pieces shall be seen as a dedication to something old, traditional, well known – but lost. In this series, but also in many other of my compositions, I am looking for new ways to develop the musical tradition embracing the technical elements and possibilities of today. That way, I want to create something completely new and independent without hiding its roots.