op. 4, 1990

For flute solo
Duration: 7 min.

World premiere: 1990, Berlin. Flute: Klaus Schöpp

Publisher: Musikproduktion Höflich München, Repertoire & Opera Explorer, Gourzi Edition


Composer’s note

Anaménontas means in Greek “waiting” or “in expectation”. The composition is a mixture of quiet and rapid musical actions, of vibrato and non-vibrato tones, of a few and many notes. All actions should be presented dramaturgically in the sense of questions and answers, so that again and again great phrases are created. It is designed to build a tension of breathlessness from beginning to end.

The composition is based on the tone Fis as main tone. Fis sounds to me like the color red, like the color of the fire. It warms and can be dangerous at the same time. This is what Anaménontas is about: playing in anticipation over and over again with the fire.