Uraufführung Salzburg am 8.Juni

8. June, Klothó, Láchesis, Átropos for choir, op.107, world premiere

Klothó, Láchesis, Átropos – an die Schicksalsgöttinnen 

op. 107, 2024

For mixed choir
Duration: 12 min.

I. Prologue – as a prayer
II. Láchesis – with admiration
III. Klothó – declamatory
IV. Átropos – thoughtful
V. Epilogue – with hope

Texts: Fragments from the Orphic Hymns to the Moires, to the Earth, Moon and Sun in Ancient Greek and Konstantia Gourzi’s own texts in German

Commissioned by the Bach Choir Salzburg
World premiere: June 8, 2024, Carabinieri Hall of the Residenz, Salzburg
Choir: Bach Choir Salzburg
Conductor: Konstantia Gourzi

World premiere

8 June | Concert | Carabinieri-Saal of the Residence, Salzburg, 7.30 pm

Works by Arvo Pärt, Rodion Shchedrin, Michael Ostrzyga and
Konstantia Gourzi: Klothó, Láchesis, Atropos for Choir – world premiere
Bach Choir Salzburg
Conductor: Konstantia Gourzi