Atlantis 1

7 Miniaturen

op. 16, 2001

“…die rock-rakete…”
“…hommage a giuseppe sinopoli…”
“…it goes…”
“…a little before…”

For soprano and cymbalom
Duration: 13 min.

Commissioned by Luigi Gaggero for the Biennale di Venezia
World premiere: 24 Mai 2001, Biennale di Venezia, Italy. Cymbalom: Luigi Gaggero, soprano: Silvia Weiss

Publisher: Musikproduktion Höflich München, Repertoire & Opera Explorer, Gourzi Edition

Composer’s notes

Atlantis 1 is based on a number of thoughts and feelings, alternating between absurd and real. These seven short pieces comment and capture them musically. Each piece has its own story and in its compactness a beginning, middle part and end. They are performed quasi attacca and form a greater picture altogether, like a puzzle. Atlantis 1 was composed in the given order, nevertheless performers have the freedom to decide on the order of the seven miniatures when staging the piece.

Audio sample