meditation I

op. 54, 2013/15

For marimba solo, glockenspiel and singing bowl
Duration: 9 min.

Commissioned by Kana Omori
World premiere: 23 April 2015, Goethe Institut Munich. Soloist: Marcel Morikawa

Publisher: Musikproduktion Höflich München, Repertoire & Opera Explorer, Gourzi Edition

Composer’s notes

meditation I consists of six miniatures, in which three different instruments each portray a new dimension of sound colour. All six pieces should be played without pauses between them, as if they were one piece. The tension should be maintained between the miniatures, so that the energy from the preceding one continues into the next. Ostinati, melodies and energetic gestures take place until the third piece, and then the dramaturgy recedes into a “Nachklangwelt”, a world of echos. At the end, this does not come full circle, but instead remains open. The narrative evokes the atmosphere of meditation.

© Archiv Kana Omori

Audio sample



Kana Omori: Siguiriya Gitana

HCOM Japan 1027, 2015

Marimba: Kana Omori