gestern – heute – morgen

op. 29, 2005

For clarinet solo
Duration: 12 min.

Commissioned by Alexander Polzin for his exhibition in a New York City gallery
World premiere: 2006, gallery of the Goethe Institut New York. Clarinet: Freyja Gunnlaugsdóttir

Composer’s notes

This piece is dedicated to my friend Alexander Polzin and was composed for the clarinetist Freyja Gunnlaugsdóttir. gestern – heute – morgen are three melodic miniatures, resulting from the encounter with Alexander’s works which often inspire me to write melodies. Each of these melodies also uses sound inspirations from my Greek homeland.

Audio sample



Freyja Gunnlaugsdóttir: skrimsli

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Works by Konstantia Gourzi, Luciano Berio, Henri Pousseur, Igor Stravinsky, Amos Elkana

Solo clarinet: Freyja Gunnlaugsdóttir