night whispers in a walnut tree 

op. 95b, 2023

for piano and percussion
Duration: 10 min.

World premiere on 25th March 2023, Steingraeber & Söhne, Bayreuth

Piano: Yamilé Cruz Montero
Percussion: Christos Assonitis

Composer’s Notes

night whispers in a walnut tree is a version of the original composition for piano solo and tape. It was created at the request of the Cuban pianist Yamilé Cruz Montero and the Greek percussionist Christos Assonitis, to whom the piece is also dedicated.

The dramaturgical sequence of the composition takes the form of a hypothetical dialog between humans and nature. All sound figures, rhythms, tempi and timbres follow the intensity of these thoughts.

In this version, both musicians follow the score and the ideas of the dialog with improvisational parts that we discussed during rehearsals.